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February 19, 2008 / red1s

SharePoint Workflow “Failed on Start” Error

To all the developers that who have seen this annoying workflow error once they’ve deployed their workflow to a SharePoint server, I might have a solution for this error within my circumstances.

After using the following tutorial to create a workflow:

which I believe is an excellent basic workflow tutorial. I received a “Failed on start” error from SharePoint. After much searching and testing it seems as though this error was given to me as well as all of the other 8 students due to the fact that the assembly information was incorrect.(Why VS.NET doesn’t automatically update the assembly information I do not know)

Anyway to resolve this issue you can follow the outlined steps to give you success:

On the developed workflows it seems as though the version number in your workflow.xml file


should correlate back to the  project properties assembly information.

Which can be navigated to:

1)by going into the project properties application tab and clicking on the assembly information:


2) and then setting the value here to what is defined in your workflow.xml file

3) Once you’ve done this and “Rebuilt” the solution it will work as expected and not giving the originally received “Failed on start” error.


And Success!

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