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April 9, 2008 / red1s

MS BPIO Technical Training for Sharepoint

So recently I was exposed to the MS Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) University site which an associate from Microsoft (Michael) introduced me to. There seems to be two sides to the information presented one of them being the sales and the other being more technical/architectural based.

Personally I find the sales side really useful regarding sales presentation information which I often have to put together myself and sometimes taking hours to scour the net and formulate a decent deck of slides to present to an executive level to earn their buy in to the product or a particular facet of Sharepoint.

I have listed the sections contained within the sales material:

  1. Business Intelligence: Help improve the performance of your business—and those of your customers. Enable qualified employees to access business insight, so they can make better strategic and tactical decisions.
  2. Collaboration: Show customers how your offerings, built on Microsoft technology, can aid in simplifying processes, managing data, meeting complex compliance requirements, and ensuring that people are well connected—while protecting business-critical data.
  3. Enterprise Content Management: Assist your customers as they manage content and processes for Web authoring, forms, documents, and records. You can offer an integrated solution, based on the 2007 Microsoft Office system, that delivers the seamless, unified, secure content-management experience your enterprise customers demand.
  4. Enterprise Project Management: Learn how you can help customers improve their ability to manage and align projects, allocate and balance resources, and track and report on projects and tasks. And provide tools and applications to help customers successfully complete projects.
  5. Enterprise Search: Support customers as they find and connect with information throughout their organizations. By using Microsoft search technologies, you can design, implement, and support customized solutions that provide highly relevant results to the right people and processes—solutions that can be easily maintained, used, and scaled across the enterprise.
  6. Unified Communications: Show customers how your solutions, developed on Microsoft technology, can help them streamline communications—regardless of medium, platform, device, or location—to increase their business productivity. 

As previously stated they do contain powerpoint presentations as well as interesting real life case studies which I find to be invaluable during presentations.

Then second of all even though I have studied most of the information on the technical side it is really good to go through the technical section of the BPIO training as a lot of overall insight is given on architecting SharePoint in different ways and creating business solutions from a technical perspective which is also good for an architect or technical person being exposed to SharePoint wanting a good fundamental understanding of the product.

Here are the sections listed in the technical sections:

Advanced IT Professional Courses for Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

 SharePoint Technologies Server Farm Architecture (Role Architect)

 Configuring SharePoint Technologies Farms

Ø Securing Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Systems

Ø Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Solution Architecture

Ø Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Ø Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Operations

Ø Capacity Planning and Sizing for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Ø Search and Indexing

Ø Customizing and Extending Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Ø Configuring the Business Data Catalog

Ø Configuring Forms and Excel Services

Architecting Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Portals and Collaboration Solutions

Ø Portals and Collaboration Architecture
Ø Architecting a Portal Solution

Ø Including Business Intelligence in a Portal

Ø Facilitating Collaboration

Ø Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring for Portals and Collaboration
Ø Extending Portal and Collaboration Functionality

Architecting Web Content Management Solutions with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007

Ø Web Content Management Overview

Ø Architecting Content Management for your Web Site

Ø Server Infrastructure and Content Deployment

Architecting Documents and Records Management Solutions with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Ø Documents and Records Management Architecture

Ø Architecting Document and Records Management Solutions

Ø Capacity Planning for Document and Records Management

Ø Performance Tuning and Optimization for Document and Records Management Solutions

Ø Extending Document and Records Management Functionality

Architecting Enterprise Search with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Ø Enterprise Search Strategies and Solutions

Ø Enterprise Search Architecture

Ø Architectural Patterns for Enterprise Search Solutions

Ø Performance Tuning and Optimization for Enterprise Search Solutions

Ø Capacity Planning for Enterprise Search Solutions

Ø Indexing Enterprise Data


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