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September 1, 2008 / red1s

Sharepoint presentation at Altron Day

After months of Sharepoint, Infopath and Web part development I found myself presenting to an assortment of group IT directors, managers and decision makers at "Altron Day" (Microsoft event hosted for the Altron group at the Forum)  last Friday about the advantages and integration possibliities of Sharepoint and Communications Server.

It also touched on a new support help desk system which we’ve (Bytes Technology Group) have architected and created using their SharePoint infrastrucutre. Which just adds another pointer to SharePoint’s brilliance when it comes to online collaboration and Office integration.

I covered the use of the SharePoint’s technology integration into an online solution portal that the Altron group use for their financial support while Michael O’ Donovan and Suliman Noor discussed  the use of Communications server and other collaborative tools that Microsoft are currently promoting; which if you don’t already know is an excellent collaboration add-on to SharePoint as well as great independent collaborative tool.

I’d just like to say thanks to Michal and Suliman for assisting me in delivering a great speech. Wink


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