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October 22, 2008 / red1s

Moving site from subsite to main site

Have you ever wanted to or needed to move a site from a subsite to a main site. I’ve seen a plethora of articels doing the opposite but never this way though.

Last week one of my client’s decided to move their subsite into the main site.

I tried doing a backup procedure via stsadm but this did not work as (correct me if I’m wrong) apparently backup procedures only work with a full site collection and not a directory or site collection.

After much research I attempted to do an import and export of the site which has moved down the list of my favourites of stsadm tools to use due to the Guids issues I’ve been encountering along the way.

However due to the site being moved from the sub site to the main site the export and import of the site went pretty smoothly and on checking of the consistency of use and data all seemed to be in place.

I’ve seen this query a lot in Google so hope this helps someone out there.Cool


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