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November 15, 2008 / red1s

Health Check / QA of a MOSS 2007 Infratsructure / Application


To perform a health Check / QA on a Moss 2007 Infratsructure we can wonder what tools to use and where to find the best content for this purpose. Here is some collected locations and tools where you can start. In most cases, When Consultants / Architects or Field Engineers perform a QA on a Project / Partner work / …  (SharePoint Deployment) … this means primarily checking and ascertaining :

  • How are custom developments / features  …  supported or not By Microsoft ?

  • Are the best practices and Microsoft recommendations applied by project team ?

  • gauging performance … and highlighting Bottlenecks

  • And … finally proposing workarounds to meet the requirements

To help achieving this purpose … ,  I would suggest to start with the sample of tools and content below … :

For developments :

ü (Support for  customized sites)

ü SharePoint Products and Technologies Customization Best Practices :

ü Check SharePoint Governance and Manageability (WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 Tools) :

For performance :

ü (Codeplex, not an officially MS released product)

ü (Plan for performance and capacity (Office SharePoint Server)

ü Software Tester Team Center (***)

For Infrastructure :

ü The SPS Reporting Tool is utilized to gather detailed information regarding a systems current configuration. The data collected will assist the Microsoft Support Professional with fault isolation :

ü You can check farm services using the Central administration Web Site

ü For supported topologies and Architecture Guidelines :

ü Review supported topologies :


And …. For :

ü SQL Server infrastructure

ü Backup / Recovery

ü Security / Authentication

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