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December 9, 2008 / red1s

How to: Create custom templates in SharePoint Designer and publish it to a site

1) Go into SharePoint Designer, select new web site from the menu, then select SharePoint Templates from the left hand section


2) Once you’ve completed adding the necessary items to your site including web parts, zones and so forth, browse to the site’s settings.

3)  Now select “Save site as template”, which will save the site to the site template gallery folder


4) By clicking on this file you can now download the template and transfer it to another server.

5) Now from the new server select “Modify all site settings” from the “Site  Actions” menu


6) Select “Site Templates” from the “Galleries” menu

7) Once in the “Site template Gallery” Screen choose upload document:

8) Now Browse to the attached file sent

9) Once you’ve selected the file and cliced OK, you will be presented with the template defaults and information, if these are satisfactory press OK again.

10) You will now see your nwe site template in the list:

11) Now click “Site Actions” and select “Create Site” to create a new site, where you will be presented with the new site template page. From the custom template selection choose the newly added site template and complete the new site creation process.

12) Once in the page select Edit page from the “site actions” menu. You will now be presented with the following editable area to place the necessary required web parts, which show the specific Web parts:


13) Just an additional bit of info, you can limit where this site will be available from by going to the root collection and setting the “page layout and site template settings” info.

Happy creating

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