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June 23, 2009 / red1s

Quick Tip – Setting the Title Column on a BDC list

When working with a BDC list you usually need to specify a Title column also known as the action column.

This is the column from where you’re able to edit data from a Data enabled list:


This can be done by altering the ADF file When working with the ADF fields



<Property Name=”DefaultAction” Type=”System.String”>View Profile</Property>

<Property Name=”Title” Type=”System.String”>Description</Property>



You’ll notice that within my Entities XML section I have a Properties element

This is where I am able to add and specify Properties for the list one of them being the title column

You’ll notice I have two properties –

The first one is a Default Action Type which is self explanatory

The second one being a Title which is specific to the column being to the column being identified for this list as the column to which the actions menu will be attached


Obviously the specified title column can only be based upon any column within the result list that you have.

I’ve noticed sometimes when working with the ADF files , if you update them sometimes (or most of the time) you will need to delete and read the list / ( MOSS 2007 BDC External list )


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