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November 13, 2009 / red1s

HOW TO: Add a background image to an InfoPath Form

How To: Add a Background Image to an InfoPath Form

In InfoPath solution is really just a set of XML files that are compressed into a single CAB file with an XSN extension. Stored in the CAB file and the center of the InfoPath solution file is an XML manifest named Manifest.xsf. This file is an XML file that contains references and points of entry for the rest of the solution. The files within InfoPath can actually be extracted and have additional XML based attributes applied to them. In this example, I will show how you can add a background image to an InfoPath solution.

Let�s assume that we are starting with a blank InfoPath solution. Follow the following steps to add the background image.

1. Start by adding the background image to the Resource Manager within InfoPath.

2. Extract the InfoPath CAB file into a directory using the File � Extract Form Files function.

3. Once the files are extracted into a directory they will contain the following files. Notice the Manifest.xsf file.

4. Using Notepad (or another text editor) hand edit the view1.xsl to place the image within the InfoPath solution. Add the following line to the <body> element.


5. Once this is done you can right click and select �Design� on the Manifest.xsf form. This open the InfoPath form in design mode and the background image is visible.

It is important to remember that you will need to repackage the InfoPath solution before you distribute it.

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