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January 5, 2010 / red1s

SharePoint – Year in Review 2009

2009 was an interesting and unusual year.

Which saw me working for a few months in Saudi Arabia for one of the largest commercial banks in the country. I was sent to continue work on a project that was the upgrade and enhance of their 2003 intranet environment.

I spent most of my time working with the upgrade of their SharePoint environment to 2007 which would then also consist of new components to be worked on which included:


Webparts (Image rotator stock ticker etc.)

And the successful migration f the components

After dealing with a serious change in culture I managed to easily get along and down to work and implement the required job at hand.

The initial project was the migration of the intranet, after week s of problem solving and pain staking database changes we decided to use the MetaLogix tool, this dramatically increased the migration process and allowed us to focus more on data cleansing processes and less on the migration task.

The workflows were to be of 5 tiers and would convert VSD files into PDF files on different levels of approvals making use of the developed code by our developers I was to assist with implementation thereof and User testing.

Webpart development, a few web parts including a stock webpart and other general web parts were required to be completed and deployed.

Needless to say after this was one of the most interesting projects worked on, and other than the incessant heat and difference e in culture was a truly interesting experience. (Managed to fit in a few dives in the red sea which is by far the most beautiful spot of ever dived in, and take in a peek of the Pyramids and overwhelming desserts on that side of the world)

Later this year I would be assigned to another contract in Zambia, to assist a telecom company in setting up their SharePoint intranet environment. Really interesting project and very insightful as to how the central African countries seem to operate their overall telecom networks (as I would also be exposed to competitors)

I was responsible for the architecture and deployment of the solution with the assistance of my South African counterpart developers I would realize the deployment of the MOSS 2007 intranet for this company. And completing the following tasks for the project:

Intranet Setup and deployment

Taxonomy planning and deployment

BI Integration using Excel Services and SSIS cubes

The overall project went pretty smoothly except for 1 or two hiccups with the BI components which were later overcome.(Taking in a bit of central Africa and the wildlife/Victoria Falls was another great excursion had)


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