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February 10, 2010 / red1s

Enabling the new SharePoint templates on 2010

I recently had a requirement to get some of the fantastic 40 application templates running, once I found and downloaded them at the following location, the following process allowed me to get them up and running:

Step 1: Go to you galleries – located under site actions -> Site settings

From here select the ‘Solutions’ link


Step 2: Going to solutions will open up the solutions option allowing you to do multiple things around your solutions either previously deployed or about to be deployed to your environment, among them being the ability to get some application templates from


However seems the guys at Microsoft have only one which is not supported – (why bother)


Step 4:Select ‘Upload Solution’ from the menu which will prompt you to provide he location of the file


Step 5: From here you can go ahead and immediately Activate the template making it available to the site and activated as part of your solution gallery


The great thing about the new application/solution template area is that you now have the ability to get a summary on all deployed solutions and the quota thereof, allowing you to gauge which templates are using the most and when you possibly could run out of space


Steps 1 – 5 can be repeated on the required amount of solution templates to be deployed your site


Once you’re done with deploying them you should see all deployed solutions templates in the new site creation page under the custom site templates tab.

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