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March 10, 2010 / red1s

Quick Tip – Accessing the web parts maintenance page

The web maintenance parts page gives a user the ability to close reset and delete web parts from a web page .

There are 2 approaches to getting to this page.

The first of them by appending – ?contents=1

Making your url appear as follows:


to any of the aspx pages which will redirect you to the following page:


From this page you will have something similar to the below image appear allowing you to modify the webparts as shown:


There’s also the alternative method to accessing the page: (sourced from the following site )

1.Open the document library that contains the Web Part Page.

2.Position the cursor over the Web Part Page name and click the down arrow.

3.Click Edit Properties on the Edit menu.

4.Click Open Web Part Page in maintenance view. The Web Part Maintenance Page is displayed.

5.Make sure you are in the view you want, either personal view or shared view. A note at the bottom of the page displays whether you are in personal or shared view. If you need to switch views, do one of the following:

If you are in personal view and you want to switch to shared view, click Switch to shared view.

If you are in shared view and you want to switch to personal view, click Switch to personal view.

6.For the one or more Web Parts you select, do one of the following:

To move a Web Part to the Web Part Page Gallery, click Close.

To remove personal property values and revert to the shared property values of the Web Part, click Reset. You are prompted for confirmation before resetting a Web Part.

To permanently remove a Web Part from the Web Part Page, click Delete. You are prompted for confirmation before deleting a Web Part.

Note It’s possible to not have permission to delete a Web Part in personal view, but have permission to delete it in shared view.


sometimes its also a good way of accessing an inaccessible page: (and either possibly closing or deleting webparts affecting the page)


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