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April 14, 2010 / red1s

Creating a Page Layout using SharePoint Designer 2010

I’ve just had to create a new page layout using SharePoint Designer 2010. Used the following blog post by Henry to get it done:

Which works 100%, as I’ve just created a page and is an excellent article with all the required screenshots 😀

In a nutshell the article has to be followed to get it to run without the JavaScript ‘Pub is undefined’ (SP.ribbon.js) error. Which refers to something similar to what is being explained here: . – You’d probably come across this problem if you created a page directly from within SharePoint designer and not follow the way Henry’s created it in his post.

There is also an article by Lance around just editing a page and unghosting it:, but I’m not sure whether this would be the best long term solution.

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