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May 6, 2010 / red1s

Quick Tip – Hiding the recently modified links on your SharePoint 2010 Wiki pages

Wiki pages are quite useful in SharePoint in that they allow a single page to collaboratively edited similar to a content page in SharePoint , with another advantage of being able to track the changes made internal to the page Hot smile


I had to create a of these buggers (wiki pages) recently for my site and had no need to show what was recently modified on the page. (a standard feature on Wiki pages in the previous version and in SharePoint 2010)


The problem with Wiki pages is that they display their latest neighbouring pages changes, which is fine in a collaborative environment when working on pages together – however if you’re like me and looking to use a page as a standard page and without these notifications (for conformity purposes) in Foundation as opposed to a webpart page with no left hand menu (which you also have the possibility of showing the menu though, check my blog post on this as well )

Follow the below steps to remove the Recently Modified page link on the left hand menu:

  1. Open up the page in question in SharePoint Designer:


  1. From there Check out the page to edit it:


  1. Locate the following tag


  1. Enable Advanced Mode from the top menu:


  1. Begin typing visible which the Intellisense should pick up where you need to set the value to ‘false’


  1. Once completed, check the page back in which will save and publish it with the updated changes.

You should now not have the ‘Recently Modified’ link:


There is an alternative method which would be to create a stylesheet and redirect you page to a specific style sheet if you have a problem with ‘unghosting’ the SharePoint page

However in my scenario I needed to change the standard pages layout (but you might face a different scenario)

To modify either the Hive folder or create a stylesheet the following blog can be viewed to do the required action:

SharePoint 2010: Hide Recently Modified Items

If you seem to be getting the message you can follow my other blog post around this located here


Happy Hiding! Devil

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  1. Sam Rao / Feb 11 2013 11:43 am

    Thanks for the tip. I would, however, like to remove the entire left hand menu, not just the “Recently Modified Documents” link. How do I go about doing this?

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