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August 1, 2010 / red1s

Test Manager and TFS Visual Studio Labs

Spent the better part of Saturday morning at Microsoft hosted Test manager and TFS Visual Studio lab session and all I can say was WOW!

The lab started off with test manager unit testing, creating building and reviewing the tests and it’s really amazing how far unit testing capabilities have come with this new Version – I wasn’t able to get screenshots of the environment as it was on a lab VM but found the following link: ( which has a decent overview of the product and capabilities offered within the application. All I’d like to say is that using testers to test developed applications on bespoke system or SharePoint developed solutions or any other developed solutions becomes a lot quicker because of the recording and integrated unit testing functionality.

The next steps were onto Visual Studio 2010 and TFS –

The initial labs were to get to know branching and visualization technologies within TFS 2010 – which makes reviwing code, class, object structures within an application well…visual! Allowing you to visually review the ‘interconnectedness’  of all code within an application – to fully understand the core concept I’d recommend checking out the following video at this link: (

I skipped the code discovery using architecture tools in in VS 2010 Ultimate (as am familiar with it) and moved onto debugging with IntelliTrace in VS 2010 which makes life or should I say debugging much simpler, and basically allows you to debug without having to rerun the application form the beginning to hit a breakpoint – awesome stuff! ( –

I moved directly onto the last few items which were highlighted as being some of the new funky feature within VS 2010 which included Architecture explorer to analyze your code in VS 2010 Ultimate(, class coupling and code analysis which is designed to improve code quality (beware lazy coders 😛 ).

All in all it was a great session of learning and definitely some skills I can now take away and cant wait to apply within the field, especially the unit testing and class visualization tools

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