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August 30, 2010 / red1s

Upgrading Live Spaces to WordPress

Recently I was asked by Windows Live spaces to upgrade my blog to a WordPress site Surprised smile which came as a bit of a surprise to me. However after using it for a while now I am much happier with the platform which seems much more robust and I can get stats – woohoo! – of my site visitors.

Anyway for those of you that haven’t done it I;ve taken screenshots of the process to let you have a glimpse of the process before actually taking tha plunge and converting.

So here goes…..

Step1: It’ll kindly ask you and then provide you with a link to follow to fill in your details.

Live Spaces WordPress Migration

Step 2: It’ll check whether you already have a WordPress account or allow you to connect your Windows Live account now to your new WordPress(Which it will create).


Step 3: You’ll now get a sign into our Windows Live screen to verify your Live account.


Step 4: And then have to create a WordPress account


Step 5 : Now you’ll have to supply details for your WordPress account


And finally Step 6: Once done you will get an email stating that you have moved the account and the URL to access it etc.


Anyway good luck with the move and hope you’ll have as much fun as I’ve had with the WordPress platform, well done MS you seem to have made a good decision with this tech as a blog platform.

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