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October 16, 2010 / red1s

A customer is always right

Um…….No actually.

One of the things I’ve come to realize as a technology specialist on the SharePoint platform (and certain other areas of business) is that when it comes to what a client thinks they know they want, that is the first sign to say “cease and desist friend”.

You might be aware of internal your internal business processes and how they ‘fantastically‘ match the functions within the newly deployed technology(being SharePoint in this case) which might work for you, but if we have a rampant deployment of MySites going up at an alarming rate. Or continual Excel published workbooks with the companies sales figures being advertised across the extranet Smile with tongue out we might end up with a who dunit. And normally the point of origin is not the bozo that initiated the request. But you the all wise and knowing SharePoint architect, analyst or solution specialist – aka guy that said yes in this scenario.

So, the next time one of your clients has a bright idea and wants to go ahead guns a blazing into the light of SharePoint Tech “lets turn on this cool feature” be the sober one in the conversation going – I don’t think so, homey don’t play that Winking smile


However what you should do ……if you’re still reading this ridiculous post, is plan.

Plan, based on what you already know. Recommend what you think would fit the company best. Create a roadmap based on where you think the company is going and how it aligns with the technology. Implementing things like MySites as a way to generate a ROI on the project or maybe just for collaboration. Introducing things like BI features only once the users have a robust ECM foundation and configuring search so that you’re really getting a rich search and ‘easy to use’ user experience.

(And by the way the above mentioned are just a few ideas being thrown around and not meant to be an actual roadmapNyah-Nyah

The problem with SharePoint, and especially 2010 Enterprise;  is that there is soooo much available; that if you switch all the goodies on you’ll have to deal with a behemoth; that will in essence if not planned correctly will have to have most of the features tuned back off. Then once again have to be planned and then slowly switched on one by one, in excruciating management sign offs and planned weekend rollback scenarios. If management and IT Administration haven’t thrown it out by then due to the high amount of complexity Confused smile

So once again and in closing, the customer is not always right and neither should be because they hired you, you the ECM guy, you the SharePoint expert. Who should always advise caution and knowledge when required to, regardless of the consequences….(Star wars death star music slowly fades into the background)

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