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October 28, 2010 / red1s

User appears in user profile and not in SharePoint people picker

For some strange reason a users profile appears in the profile directory


however is not available in the people picker:


Sometimes it seems as though the database will not update or sync back the user profiles through the execution timer job – it might be that the site collection is not in sync with the user profiles – you can check this by running this command :

stsadm -o sync -listolddatabases 1

If something is picked up use the following command can be used to resynchronize the databases at the next timer job run:

stsadm -o sync -deleteolddatabases 1

It doesn’t actually delete the db but just resets a field forcing a resynchronization at the next timer job run – check the link for more info on the command:

Even though this would seem like a possible fix it did not seem to solve the problem which was still there (or should I say the user wasn’t Smile with tongue out ) when I rechecked the missing profiles.

After going through the following blog and reading a rather good explanation around profile synchronizations:

I attempted to run these jobs (even though they had just successfully run, you can never be too sure) “Profile Synchronization ” & “Quick Profile Synchronization ”

Which can also be done from STSASDM: (Edit timer job screen from Central Admin)


This also did not seem to work and the user (after checking was still nowhere to be found Steaming mad )

However there is some hope to this article, as after searching further found the following post:

which ‘enlightened’ me to the “adduser” STSADM command – Light bulb

Even though this is more of a workaround it allowed me to add the necessary user to the environment /web application for display purposes – however when combined with the initial adduser solution that is specified (setproperty) is a possible permanent solution and should have you up and running with the required missing user.

Good luck!

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