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October 31, 2010 / red1s

How To: Activating and running Dashboard Designer for Performance Point Services

When I have available time I find myself investigating the plethora of features SharePoint has to offer . One of the features I have become quite interested is the BI side of SharePoint which has seemed to really take off especially with the introduction of Performance Point Services included with the Enterprise edition of SharePoint 2010.

In this how to I’ll quickly take you through getting access to dashboard designer from your machine:

Step 1: You’d need to create a new business intelligence site(which innately has the feature): (Site actions -> New site )


Step 2: From the ‘Create Site’ selection screen, select the Business intelligence site from the available site templates:


Step 3: Once you’ve provided the basic details (name and URL ) you will now have your brand new business intelligence site:


Step 4: From this menu select the ‘Create Dashboards’ from the left homepage navigation


Step 5: Now within the main area select the ‘Start Using Performance Point Services’ link in the centre screen


Step 6: From there click the ‘Run Dashboard Designer’ (…simple, huh)

You’ll get the following screen:


Where you’ll select run:(…obviously)


Your download should continue as per normal, as long as no connectivity issue exists between you and the server (in the case of extranet o internet based deployments, which I wouldn’t recommend for the creation of dashboard external to the organization)


From there you’ll be presented with the dashboard designer application


Once you’ve loaded your necessary data in you’ll be good to go.

Just a quick end note , whenever you require to use the application this is where you’ll have to go and deploy and use it as no local client application is available from the Start menu, even though it has the shortcut to the web address – as displayed in the below pic


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