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November 10, 2010 / red1s

How do I go about hiding the default MOSS 2007 site templates

I was recently asked to only make a few site templates available through SharePoint’s create new site option. 


This can be done in one of many ways – Nerd smile

1) By using the sites administration console – By browsing to the “page layouts and site templates” under ‘Look and Feel’


It’s a good idea to take note of this end section of the URL: “_Layouts/AreaTemplateSettings.aspx” which can be placed into most sites /site  collections to access this setting from a site collection

2) This can also be done by editing the webtemp.xml file. (which is a more obtrusive way)

Which can be located in /program files/common files/Microsoft shared/web server extensions……/template/1033/XML folder

I personally use XML notepad to edit the XML files, as it’s a lightweight, easy to use XML editing tool.


Change the Hidden parameter of the template(s) you want to hide. Recycle IIS and you should be set.

Note:  there are other WEBTEMP.XML files which also contain hidden elelments:


In a multiple WFE environment be sure to copy the webtemp.xml file across to all WFE servers

Be careful of changing anything else in the file, as based on this article your deployment will become unsupported: KB 898631 explains.

By using STSADM you would also be able to run a delete template on site templates added to the site. This can be done by using the STSADM ‘deletetemplate’ operation

3) Then there is the programmatic way/s to achieve a similar to same result, identified in the below blog:

……..“This code snippet forces the users of our site to just use the “Team Site” template. The team site will be available in any language installed on the server”…….


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