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January 8, 2011 / red1s

SharePoint – Year in Review 2010

Can’t believe another year is over where did it go?

Well here’s where mine went ….well for the most part of it.

Began the year assisting a Cape Town based Microsoft consultancy get their foot in the door with a few big clients including provincial government and public sector companies. The solutions being created interestingly enough quite large and the depth of what was required would see me us taking a few years to reach goal maturity and overall impact. The final goal of the project would affect some 8000 internal users and portions of the country using the extranet capabilities having an effect on portions of the country. Not to mention integration to other product types which included SAP etc.

I also had quite a lot of focus on building the team in Johannesburg due to requirements for more projects being received and needing consultants t fill the role having interviewed tons of people saw me reviewing many different flavours of SharePoint capabilities and skillets and their abilities which was also ‘interesting’ to say the least.

Near the end of the year found myself attending Tech ED Africa and even speaking at a few of the sessions! All in all was a great year with a final trip down to Cape Town and connecting with some of the local SharePoint people in Cape Town to see what they were up to.


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