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January 16, 2011 / red1s

SharePoint 2010 Search Parameters

The below table is a quick reference guide to expedite the use of SharePoint search terms within SharePoint 2010:

Before most of this functionality was resolved by the use of 3rd party components or codeplex solutions.

The following list is a quick roundup of what can be achieved with search terms from a standard SharePoint search box:


The use of query syntax, which is the use of words such as AND, NOT and Or in your search queries.

Make sure you use capitals as lowercase will be searched upon as well instead of making the word a search term

The use of AND in a search term:


This term will require that both words ‘marine’ and ‘hull’ are within the search result set returned

The use of OR in a search term:


The use of NOT in a search term:


The Wildcard Search will allow you to search for terms which are extended by the Wildcard asterisk keystroke

The search for the word/string – mar*


Will include all words beginning with the word ‘mari’ – Marine, Maritime etc.

Wildcards can only be placed at the end of a search word/string




What’s new for end users in SharePoint Search 2010

Troubleshooting SharePoint (People) Search 101

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