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April 15, 2011 / red1s

Setting Up SharePoint Online Services

Recently I had the pleasure of setting up our new SharePoint online services account (seeing that Office365 is not released as yet and still running in beta ) which our client had requested that this was the solution to go with for now.

The below is a recount of what occurred and screenshots of the process:

Once you’ve registered on the website:


You’ll receive the below type notification/welcome email:


From there you’re able to access the sit and login to the company portal:


Change your password due to it being the first time you’re signing in:


Once you’ve done that you’re able to access the sign in service which is an application stored on your local machine that automatically signs you into SharePoint online (particularly useful if you need to access Outlook or easy access to your company’s portal)


If you select the ‘Download sign in ‘ option you’ll be taken to the downloads section:


The installation of the MS Online Services SIgnIn App goes as follows:

Initial Install Screen:


Wizard installer:


Once installed the app launches allowing you to enter you username and password registered with:


The options screen:


Ability to configure your internet settings:


Once you’ve successfully logged in you’ll now see the 3 different auto signed in apps you have access to, however you will only be able to access functionality you have signed up for (in my case SharePoint)


Clicking on My Company Portal (bottom button) will take you to the following site: (You’ll also notice I can now connect to my OWA email or begin a MS Office Live Meeting)


Clicking on the SharePoint website will then take you to your familiar WSS portal


Hope you’ve found this post interesting/useful.

Feel free to comment or query of the above info.

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