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August 25, 2011 / red1s

Comparison list between versions of SharePoint 2010

A lot of the time I get asked what the differences between the different versions of SharePoint are – easy as it is to find online, (from the following address):


sometimes it can be a bother to be able to know the differences when you are not able to access the internet and that site specifically (alternatively having a photographic memory would be great 😛 )

Which is why I decided to create this handy offline Excel comparative chart of the features present in each version of SharePoint 2010 to be able to call up the this type of info quite quickly.

It’s a basic comparative chart, however is quite useful if needed to find a function that is within either of the SharePoint 2010 versions (being , Foundation , Standard or Enterprise) and allows me to quickly run a text search on the info Hot smile

I’m currently upgrading the chart to include comments similar in presentation to the online site outlining definitions to the named features.

Either way the download can be found here (Excel Web App, which is also able to be downloaded)


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