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September 7, 2011 / red1s

Demystifying SharePoint 2010’s Licensing model

It can sometimes be quite a daunting question when a possible (or current) client sees a great looking presentation and then asks: ‘ so tell me how much will this cost’ …yikes is the normal reaction to this question as there are usually so many factors to take into account.

Namely the following are the usual types of criteria that would have to be taken into consideration:

Clients license agreement with Microsoft (Enterprise agreement etc.)

Amount of users accessing the environment and from where internal / external

Functions the clients require to have

Functions the environment requires to have (InfoPath, Excel Services, Performance point etc)

Dependant machine licensing based on architecture, in other words how many WFE,s SQL Machines, etc

There are a few others however the above would most strongly determine the cost implication that the client would be in for

However after having had many a discussion around this and having to have many a conversation I found myself becoming with the usual dialogues having to be had post every client meeting.

Fortunately for me after searching the correct terms and information I came across a few od the following sites which seemed to have given me a good enough indication to allow me to comfortable give an indication to my clients, finally on how much a certain type of deployment with which types of feature will cost them.

Feel free to follow the links and use the tools provided by some of the industry’s most trusted companies around the question of SharePoint licensing:

1. Bamboo SharePoint calculator

Probably my most favourite of the resources would be this one as it has a handy calculator detailing all the facets required to license a SharePoint environment correctly





2. Scenario

The following link uses a scenario as an example and defines each of the licenses functions and their prices (in Sterling)



3. Off the shelf pricing

The following site provides good insight into a specific price for a product, most of the time i find it hard to determine exactly how much a piece of software costs from the SharePoint feature set, however this seems to be a good indication (note the pricing is in dollars so it might vary or not be available in your country)





4. Microsoft licensing usage details

Microsoft also have 2 good links  I have come across that detail what sort of licensing you should expect to cater for when planning you implementation:

The volume licensing advisor not only proposes guided quotes for SharePoint related products but for the complete Microsoft software offering (However please note that this is for volume licensing and not for smaller deployments)


Further to that there is the Server and CAL Licensing info that Microsoft has put together around the licensing resources required to correctly implement the licensing around SharePoint which provides scenarios (Intranet and Extranet )


With the above resources and links I am sure this should I’ve you enough of the required information to be able to go back to your clients and make the necessary recommendation.

By no means do I state the above information for being a replacement for a clients LAR (Licensed Account Reseller of SharePoint) however do feel it will provide you with a closer estimation of what t a clients overall cost will look like concerning the acquisition of the required software.

Well, hopefully the above info gives you a bit more guidance when attempting to figure out the costs behind your implementation and possible now when asked the question you’d be able to respond confidently Hot smile

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