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November 2, 2011 / red1s

Zetadocs Express solution unable to be activated in SharePoint 2010

Recently on working on a Zetadocs project I was required to integrate Zetadocs express with SharePoint’s workflows

The problem with this is that unless you have the Foundation Sandboxed Code service started it wont be enabled once you’ve added the solution to your environment


It seems as though this solution has fucntionality that the sandbox solution needs see excerpt form MS sites around Sandboxed solution:

A Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 solution is a deployable, reusable package that can contain features, site definitions, and other functionality. Solutions can be enabled or disabled individually. You can deploy a solution directly onto your SharePoint Foundation farm, or you can deploy the solution into a sandbox. A sandbox is a restricted execution environment that enables programs to access only certain resources, and that keeps problems that occur in the sandbox from affecting the rest of the server environment. Solutions that you deploy into a sandbox, which are known as sandboxed solutions, cannot use certain computer and network resources, and cannot access content outside the site collection they are deployed in. For more information about solutions, see Solutions Overview (

Because sandboxed solutions cannot affect the whole server farm, they do not have to be deployed by a farm administrator. Sandboxed solutions can be deployed by a site collection administrator or, in certain situations, by a user who has the Full Control permission level at the root of the site collection. However, only a farm administrator can configure sandboxed solutions–related settings such as load balancing, tiers, quotas and resource points, and only a farm administrator can promote a sandboxed solution to run directly on the farm, outside the sandboxed environment.

Pasted from <>

Either way to resolve the issue and get the service running:

1 – You’d need to go to system settings under Central Admin:


2 – then to manage services on server:


3 – Ensure that the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service is started:


4 – The solution should now be ‘activatable’ Smile with tongue out


5 – Once you’ve activated the Zetadocs solution you should now see the settings able to be activated from the Manage Features of the site which you added them to:


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