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January 17, 2012 / red1s

SharePoint – Year in Review 2011

This year has been quite a busy one for me in the SharePoint space.

It started off with a bang with me leaving the South Africa Johannesburg based branch which I had assisted in developing the SharePoint team quite extensively.

Heading off to the United States would see me work on the biggest project I’ve worked on to date (u user base of approximately 15000+ users , which exceeded my Saudi bank project by 7 000 users …yikes!). A pharmaceutical company based in North Carolina (can anybody say Charlotte ) saw me assisting with their internal SharePoint projects which included the likes of Governance, evolving Enterprise Content Management methodologies and upselling the product internally, within the organization and assisting with general usage of the Microsoft 2007 product including other new skills being picked up along the way. This included skills such as, better management of Active Directory for tighter MySIte integration.

(review my blog posts for earlier this year to get some insight into what problems and solutions I had come across were) …..Not to mention a few trips around the US, learnt how to Ski and attended a festival in Miami 🙂

The latter part of the year saw me emigrating to Ireland to a assist a local Microsoft partner with growing their SharePoint division and begin gaining market share in the space. Found myself travelling around the country for meetings and general SharePoint tasks as consulting would have it. …..Getting involved in some great sailing on the side was also part of picking up new skills and having some fun

Having me present at pre sales meetings around SharePoint and architected solutions. I also saw myself working on a large number of presale solutions which were mostly Foundation based.

Interestingly enough I’ve picked up a huge number of skills around Foundation and find it to be quite useful as a platform for bespoke solution development (with workflows and BCS as part f the package)

From working with and creating multi level digital signature approval workflow solutions using SharePoint Designer integrating REST and 3rd party vendors (see previous posts for more info regarding that ) to a project which had me integrating IBM Cognos into SharePoint ; to a solution which had search extended to completely rewrite and modify the Standard search portion of what Foundation is usually capable of and not to mention a few standard content management projects 🙂 lets not forget them

Yes it’s been quite a year , and by the looks of things I’m definitely looking forward to what 2012 has in store so far!

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