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January 23, 2012 / red1s

SharePoint 2010 – Adding multiple search core results to one page with different result sets

In a previous article I defined how to modify the search core results to get it to display the type of content a user would be specifically looking for.

In this article I will take it a step further by showing you how to have multiple search core results showing data from different scopes on one page:

First – you’ll need ensure that you have created the necessary scopes (accessed under the Site collection administration section)


before hand and that they are populated with results


Once done add the required search core results webpart to the page (currently I am only able to add 5 to a page as the limitation comes from the user query settings, which I’m sure can be changed though)


Once added, edit the webpart and under Location properties specify the scope you previously created:


Then under result query options: (specify the Cross web part query)


I’d recommend leaving the first one as user query.

The second search core results would be changed to Query 2

This should be done incrementally, updating the scope accordingly and the Cross-Web part query ID incrementally

Save your page, re-run your results and you should now see the differing results based on the scopes specified.

It seems only up to 4 can be completed on a page (unless the web part code is tweaked) however this should be sufficient as creating too many search results could definitely end up confusing users.

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