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May 29, 2012 / red1s

Quick Tip – Resolving Slow load times on Search Content Sources Page

Recently I encountered an issue with accessing the content sources page within the search service application


The issue was based on clicking on Content Sources the loading (if it ever did ) would sometimes take up to 20 -30 min, and at times even longer !

What is strange is that no other portion of the search service application area is affected, as all other admin/settings pages seem to load fine

After looking around and finding a few answers the one which worked for me consisted of updating the Search_Service _Application_DB to keep a lower amount of search log files – as a default this is hardcoded to 90 days

Using the below script I was able to reduce it to 60 days, which for a standard live environment should be sufficient to debug any issues based on a log history

Apparently this issue is known by Microsoft and they have mentioned that it should be fixed in the Cumulative Update released in June 2011 I have not heard a confirmation whether this works or not – which will resolve the slow loading speed of the content sources based on the amount of data that resides within the environment – however it would be worth a go if you are not too keen on working on SharePoints configuration database (which I’d recommend not if you are new to administering SP)

Running the query is unsupported by Microsoft and I recommend doing a full backup of this Database if you plan to run this query within your environment:

exec [proc_MSS_CleanupWithInterval] @CleanupInterval=60



Depending on the size of your library it might take a while to run (mine took approximately 45 mins )



Updating the Search Log History to store a a 30 day history


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