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With over a decade of experience working within the Microsoft industry(Partners and Corporate Consumers), and having spent most of this time working with solution server and development products he has a keen eye for successfully architecting and deploying solutions within the Microsoft arena.

Working within corporate environments, has enabled him to perceive and understand many multi and specific function corporations, organizations and enterprise environments. Including local and international financial institutions, corporate banking institutions as well as managing and working with teams in Public Sector (Provincial and International Government) as well as Corporate Sector (Mining, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and Tourism Industry)

With this understanding he has managed teams as well as implemented successful implementations around the below listed specialities

I also have the following Microsoft SharePoint Certifications:

  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0:  Configuration
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007:  Configuration
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0:  Application Development in C#
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007:  Application Development in C#
  • Customizing Portal Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint
    Products and Technologies


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