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November 8, 2012 / red1s

SharePoint – Silverlight JQuery comparison



Recently a colleague asked me whether I’d use Silverlight over Jquery or vice versa and why.

In response to his query I thought about it and then responded to him by stating that I recommend JQuery for the required task at hand. Which is the creation of a an active sitemap for his intranet site.

Depending on the required turnaround time and deployment time JQuery would be a winner in that regard. As the time taken to build and deploy components onto a page is minimal in comparison to the Silverlight develop build and deploy scenario. Which would take much longer.

JQuery is also a lot more dynamic allowing changes to configuration or code without having to go back to the IDE to work on components.

However from a ‘redeployability’ perspective, Silverlight would come out better as once the package is created, it would merely need to be dropped onto the page and would work (as long as all the parameters are in place, page location etc.)

It is also more of a solution package tool used to create interfaces, BI components and overall software solution packages as opposed to providing a single component which could be seen as a tool used to create more complex functions than a sitemap. (The right tool for the right job comes to mind here)

So in a nutshell here is what I would say are the comparable items:






Development Time



Deployment Time



Code Agility (Ability to update code on the fly)



Deployment Method

Silverlight / JQuery (Depending on the solution complexity)


Access to Microsoft Reference Library



Access to the JavaScript JQuery reference library



Large Software Solution components



SharePoint 2013 Phasing Out

JQuery (Not phasing out)

Silverlight (Might phase out)



Hope this is what you were looking for.


The below references confirmed my above statements:

Future of Silverlight –

Choose the correct API for the requirement –

JQuery – Silverlight –

Can you compare JQuery and Silverlight –

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