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December 20, 2012 / red1s

Accessing migrated 2007 workflows in SharePoint 2010

Recently on working on upgrading a SharePoint 2007 environment to SharePoint 2010 we had an issue with the workflows not being visible or accessible from the relevant document libraries they were a part of before the upgrade:


What was interesting was that the workflows were still there, but it wasn’t possible to kick off a new as it seems as though they didn’t exist.

In my search to resolve the issue I attempted a few processes to get the workflows to ‘reappear’

Including completing the following steps located here: (which supposedly worked for some people)

1) Open the root of the site collection in SharePoint Designer 2010

2) In the Navigation section, click on All Files, then click _catlogs

3) Check for a folder named "wfpub" and if it exists right click on it and delete it

4) Run the following PowerShell for the site collection having the issue:

$site = Get-SPSite http://root-site-collection-url

Disable-SPFeature -url $site.URL -Identity Workflows -Confirm:$false

Disable-SPFeature -url $site.URL -Identity OffWFCommon -Confirm:$false

Enable-SPFeature -url $site.URL -Identity OffWFCommon

Enable-SPFeature -url $site.URL -Identity Workflows


The above didn’t seem to work 😦

Another attempt was to disable the "Workflow Auto Cleanup timer job" the link can be checked here:

I redid the migration and disabled this before hand, however still no luck 😦

I then attempted the following method located here, which did work. Basically the steps to ‘re-enable ‘ the workflow were as follows: (There is a disclaimer though telling you that it is preferred to use the SharePoint 2010 workflows instead, just so you know)

Enable SharePoint 2007 Workflows:

1.Navigate to ‘site actions’ | ‘site settings’ | ‘site collection administration’ | ‘Site collection features’

2.Choose ‘Activate’ on the SharePoint 2007 Workflows feature


Enable the workflows on existing lists they were associated with before the upgrade:

1.Click on Site Actions | Site Settings

2.Click on ‘Site Content Types’


3.Click on the Document content type

4.Click on Workflow Settings


5.Click on Remove a workflow

6.Find the workflow to enable and set the radio button to ‘Allow’



Upon opening the workflows settings page again you should now have the previously available workflows in the list of workflows being able to be used.


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