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February 20, 2013 / red1s

A word of gratitude to our overseas team



Working at Avanade, I constantly find myself working with our offshore team on multiple projects (a lot of SharePoint ones as well ) and find their level of gratitude and appreciation quite ‘affecting’ in a positive way.

I really enjoy working with them as find them very helpful and relentless in their quest to help me with my requirements.

I found it quite comparative when looking at some of the local teams I have to work with and their bleak or negative reaction to situations or requests raised.

Obviously this is a personal perspective but I feel as a professional working South African, due to the opportunities in this country our outlook has become more relaxed and arrogant.

This is also based on the growing statistics of IT in both of our countries and the amount of people.

If I h ave a look at the Google Statistics for population in our countries (South Africa and India) the difference is phenomenally different: – link here






It goes to show that due to this difference, the market for school leavers would be a lot more competitive. (And based on a few other statistics provided by the above report which I will not get into too much now)

Which makes me ask the question, the more comfortable we become with our day to day professional jobs, are we then more predisposed to complain about our situation and in turn deliver a lower quality service or product. (Hopefully not 😦 )

Or like the US and Europe, will we eventually begin to develop a healthy work ethic . (Which I think comes from the quality of life, found in those countries) I say this as I was really impressed by the work ethic I encountered when I worked in the US and Europe. Finding their ability to deliver quality services and products in high regard.

I am not discounting that this does exist within certain pockets of our local industries (which I am aware there is much of) especially within the IT service sector. However still feel there is much maturation which we need to go through as a nation for us to be on that level. I do however feel it is quite possible and now and then do see a flicker of light emerge in those areas.

What is interesting though, is the fact that unlike India as a developing country, it does not have the living standard found in these countries although the quality of their service is high in certain areas (specifically IT which is the main topic of reference) . And unlike the US and Europe, I believe this is mainly from a competitive perspective encountered within their country.

I think in closing, I understand though that this is a very general outlook. As I can imagine readers silently commenting on their bad experiences either with US/European companies or Indian companies. But for the purpose of an overall general encounter (and my past experiences) with the countries and their companies; feel it to be quite true.

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  1. pagial / Feb 21 2013 3:43 pm

    I share your sentiments. I have experieced the same treatment. Nice post though 😉

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