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March 20, 2009 / red1s

Quick Tip–Removing webparts from a SharePoint 2010 page

To remove webparts to a SharePoint page (you’ll notice that the process is similar to the previous version of SharePoint except for the location of the menu items and action etc) the following process can be followed: (which in this demo will show you how to remove the ‘Shared Documents’ webpart)


Step 1 – make sure you ‘re logged in as the site owner /administrator (enough permissions to edit the site)


Step 2 – Click the Site Actions drop down menu on the right hand side


Step 3 – Select Edit page from the menu


With the page in edit mode – which is noticeable from the top ribbon now visible:


Step 4: Open the webpart menu


Depending on the type of webpart you can either delete or close the webpart (I’d recommend closing it if you think you might require it alter – Note: this does cause extra overhead on the page, slower load times , so if you know you don’t need the part anymore which can be added make sure to delete it)


Step 4 – Be sure to Save and Close the page from the ribbon:


That’s It! – You’ll now notice that the webpart is gone:


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